MTM Collector Tokens


MTMCOLLECTOR is both a Redeemable Token and an Access Token. It is created and sold by Adam B. Levine and all proceeds go to support his music habit on the Mind to Matter Blog. The price of MTMCOLLECTOR is, at any given time, 80% of the retail value of the Mind to Matter music collection.

Redeemable Use MTMCOLLECTOR may be redeemed for a one time, DRM free download of Adam B. Levine's entire musical catalog.

Access Use Possessing MTMCOLLECTOR gives you access to the MTM Music Archive where all finished music are available for unlimited streaming.

The first time you use this token, you'll need to associate the bitcoin address that contains it to your account and verify you own it. So long as you hold onto the MTMCOLLECTOR token you'll have access to full versions of all songs released (Others hear 90 second preview versions) and the Mind to Matter Streaming Music Collection