FLASH Finale


The ENTIRE SUPPLY of MEGA and FLASH coins will be distributed to the participants of this FINALE (FLASHFIN) sale and our valued FLASHPRE donors.

FLASHPRE will be getting a 25% bonus and whatever shows up by January 21st for the FLASHFIN will be the last and final chance to get FLASH & MEGA.

Why are we doing this? We watched our friends over at Monero and think they have done many things right. We’ve been very impressed with their community Now, the difference is FLASH is not mineable, the entire supply of 900,000 Million FLASHcoins is already existing and secured by Election Consensus. By distributing all the coins to the people who care enough to donate their hard earned BTC, we think they will be in good hands because they will be the people who help to sponsor developers and projects for FLASH. There won’t be any excess supply overhang, since every coin that will ever exist will be out in the field with the people who count. They will determine who gets coins and rewarded for development. We also expect to have FLASH and MEGA up on an exchange in Canada in the very near future.

We will give everyone an open and the last chance to get in on the FLASH project, we will create a proxy token on Counterparty called FLASHFIN, there will be 45 billion of these and for 0.01 BTC or 3.5 XCP or 70 BCY you will get 2.25 million FLASHFIN.

Here’s how we will distribute the remaining coins (300,000 MEGA and about 850 billion FLASH), the terms will be:

FLASHPRE donors will get a 25% bonus over the FLASHFIN participants as a benefit for being early.

The sale will begin on Saturday January 14th at NOON Montreal time and conclude on Saturday January 21st at NOON Montreal time.

Sorry, no US or Quebec based residents may participate, we will check IP’s.

BTC will be sent to the swapbot and you will receive FLASHFIN counterparty tokens.

Final allocation of all the MEGA and FLASH coins will be determined based on 25% bonus on the 101.22344444 btc received in the FLASHPRE sale. Coins donated through FLASHFIN will be added to the FLASHPRE totals. ALL REMAINING MEGA AND FLASH coins will be distributed to FLASHPRE and FLASHFIN donors within 14 days of completion of the FIN crowdsale.

No refunds.